Digital Podge 09
Concept and design for Digital Podge 2009.
Digital Podge
Measurable Fun
Digital Podge is part of the Podge lunch series run by creative mentor Phil Jones. It provides an opportunity for creative directors and creative business owners to come together for one lunch. On these days all competition is put aside and agencies sit side by side talking candidly about the industry. It's a lot of fun and often leads to a sore head or a missed train.

In 2008 I suggested to Phil that I had an concept for the following year. Phil put his trust in me and we presented Digital Podge 09 - measurable fun. The simple concept was to suggest that should you need to justify going in any way we had the relevant statistics.

The project was a lot of work, a lot of fun and ultimately won a DADI award for Best Use of Visual Design and a BIMA for Best Visual Design.

Work completed while at Line Digital (
Event Marque
Event Identity
Toilet signs
Table letters
Wine collers
Name tag (unfolded)
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